Every successful business has a plan for growth and this is how yours can start.

Businesses are integral to the success of a community.  We understand this dynamic.  We work with you, whether a property owner or company, to understand your goals no matter what you do.  We work together to effectuate your business plan by helping you understand your real estate options and how this fits into your financial goals.   Align is your resource to be successful and profitable.
Our services guide and advise you on how to move forward and complete real estate transactions. Our partnership will also connect you with a team necessary to complete your transaction which includes:
  • Property Insurance Brokers
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Environmental land experts such as geologists, engineers, scientists
  • Title companies
  • Inspectors
  • General Contractors
  • Buyer/Seller Representation 
    Align represents both buyers and sellers of commercial properties.  We work with our clients as a team to determine the most successful path to meet their goals.

    We Connect Buyers With The Right Property 
    Align works with buyers, whether an investor or a business, in selecting the right property to meet your financial goals. We help with providing a financial analysis of the property from valuation to the rate of return on your investment.  We also will be your team to guide you through the entire process:
  • negotiating a purchase price
  • connecting with a banker or other financing options
  • working with inspectors and contractors during the feasibility period
  • reviewing relevant documentation to effectuate the transaction
  • bringing in legal counsel if necessary.
  • We assist business owners with understanding how the purchase or sale of property meets their long-term goals.  We work specifically with growing companies to increase the value of their companies through real estate purchases.
    We Assist Sellers With Sophisticated Services
    We work with you to decide the best time strategically to list your property and help determine the value of the property.  We provide you with the expertise to understand our markets in the Puget Sound.  We will assist you with:
  • deciding whether and when to list
  • determining property value and establishing a price
  • marketing the property for greater exposure
  • contract negotiations
  • creating relationships with brokers and investors.
  • Landlord/Tenant Representation
    We believe that success is directly related to fitting the correct people together.  The landlord must locate the business that is the best fit for the property.  The tenant, or business owner, needs the vision for the “right” space that meets the needs of the business by working with a supportive landlord and have the best location and configuration of the space.  Our approach supports this process by:
  • understanding the needs of the property owner
  • learning the goals of the business owner
  • understanding the pros and cons of the space
  • negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement from which a successful relationship can grow.
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